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Spinny Phone Promo Code

Winning more practice games than you’re losing in Spinny Phone? BEFORE you make your first deposit use my Spinny Phone promo code: 2F05J, and get up to $40 in bonus cash on your first deposit!

About Spinny Phone

**Featured on Mashable as Top 5 Can’t Miss Apps**

“If you have ever played with a Bop-It, Spinny Phone will make you nostalgic for what was likely the bossiest toy of your childhood.” – Mashable


Pump up the volume and get ready to move fast! Your iPhone is your joystick. Spin it around different directions and follow each command to get the highest score. Be careful, the more you spin the faster it gets šŸ™‚

With the new Skillz Multiplayer platform, you can now challenge others around the world head to head for fun or even play for cash (where allowed by law).

Spinny Phone Promo Code

Make sure BEFOREĀ you select your deposit amount to click on the “Enter Promo Code” button. Then enter the Spinny Phone promo code:Ā 2F05J.Ā This will get you up to $40 bonus cash on your first deposit.

Skillz Promo Code

How to Use Bonus Cash

Each game you play you will use a portion of both real, and Skillz bonus cash. 90% real cash and 10% bonus. If you donā€™t have any real cash then you will use 100% of your Skillz bonus cash obviously.

Letā€™s say you have $75 and enter into a $10 game for the entry fee of $6. Youā€™re going to put in $5.40 real cash and $.60 Skillz bonus cash towards the match. If you win that game you will receive your $.60 Skillz bonus cash back along with $9.40 real cash which you can use later on to withdraw.

If you choose to withdraw your $50 with $25 Skillz bonus cash still in your account you will have to forfeit your $25 Skillz bonus cash. So keep playing and turn that $25 into moreĀ real cash. You will alsoĀ earn Ticketz (Skillz loyalty program) to use towards accessories and gift cards.

Withdraw Your Cash

Iā€™ve withdrawn many times and it does take about 4-6 weeks to receive it sinceĀ they have to monitor all games played, to ensure that there is no cheating before issuing a check. All withdraws below $10 will be charged a $1.50 processing fee. Then you can brag to your friends about how you make money playing mobile games while they’re still trying to go pro at COD or Halo.

Skillz Promo Code Video


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Use my SkillzĀ Promo CodeĀ 2F05JĀ on your first deposit for up to $50 bonus cash and start your journey to make money playing mobile games, just like me!

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